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Last Week on Twitter...

  • OH from customer service: "You can send a fax. For FREE. Over the internet. It's called EMAIL."
  • One of my coworkers is going to be the death of me, I swear...
  • He makes me laugh so much. One day I am just going to stop breathing from laughing so much and die. And it will be his fault.
  • >Forget password
    >"We'll send a code to p********@y*******.com"
    >That is definitely not anibunny@gmail...
    >WTF is my username then?!
  • I always want to romance the unavailable characters in videogames. Boourns.
  • There is a political question I really want to ask, but I imagine the people I want to ask will completely misunderstand what I am asking.

Fallout 4 distracted me from Twitter.
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