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Last Week in Tweets

  • Me playing Fallout 4: I'm going to build a wall around my whole settlement!
    Me 8 hours later: Fuck it. I'm just putting a turret here.
  • Adem is dealing with the monster under our bed…better described as the spider I saw run under there.
  • It's #InternationalMensDay today. Lets not be assholes about it or spew sexist vitriol just because you dont think men have important issues
  • I am far from prepared for the meeting today in 20 minutes. [nervous laugh]
  • Good thing this meeting is happening before my review. [nervous laughing intensifies]
  • Being completely honest, in my 10+ years of employment, never had a yearly review. [stops laughing and jumps out window]
  • In your 30s and want to feel awkward? Attend a high school play where you aren’t related to anyone in any way.

By "dealing" with the spider under the bed, I mean catching it and taking it outside. Just so that you are aware. He he he.
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