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Last Week in Tweets

  • To quote the DM: It has the intelligence of 1,000 rats!
  • I love my elf. He lived. He got back to town and had a “spa day.” Everyone thinks he is a pushover because he likes nice things. #dnd
  • Woke up to loud thunder and lots of rain! Get dressed, hurry outside, and it stops. BOO.
  • Hot topic in customer service right now: Have you (or would you) ever eaten a "mayo sandwich."
  • I think the important question is: Can you really call it a sandwich if all it is is mayo between slices of bread?
  • Adem is having computer issues when playing Fallout 4. I feel bad for playing it since he is more into the series than I am.
  • Trying to play Fallout 4 last night I am reminded why I make Adem play all these games while I watch: I am a stormtrooper when playing FPS.
  • OH: "They took all the Christmas out of it and now they are communist cups."

    The things I hear in this office...
  • OH: "I'm literally killing you."
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