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Last Week in Tweets

  • In my dream last night I killed the leader of North Korea and everyone was angry with me.
  • In other news, I didn't sleep well last night. Which isn't news as that seems to be my "thing" now.
  • I just got a giant box filled with t-shirts. These t-shirts were supposed to go to the printer in another city. Not me.
  • Every time I think about these shirts in my office I just want to start laughing.
  • OH: "Today sucks." "I confirm that today sucks. I've had 46 calls today so far."

    TODAY SUCKS. It's official. We should all get to go home.
  • Have I said today how much I hate Illustrator? No? Well I fucking hate it.
  • Customer service is playing bad music and I don't want to close my door and show that I hate it...this is the brain I live with.
  • So I wouldn't normally call 911 for almost being hit by a car in California, but sometimes I will make an exception.
  • Like when the driver speeds up the hill, uturn in traffic, up on the sidewalk, almost hits me, and then up the hill again. ALL IN REVERSE.
  • Coworker commented that another and I are like siblings, lol. I’V ALWAYS WANTED A YOUNGER BROTHER!!!!
  • My CW-Brother has a sore spot at these events. He puts up signs saying dont recycle the wine glasses and people ignore it.
  • CW: *carrying an empty wine glass*
    Me: Want me to recycle that for you?
    CW: *Not missing a beat* Fuck you.
  • Making everyone on the 2nd floor hate me by using the papercutter hundreds of times.
  • My coworker just called Symphonic Metal "Classic Rock." /Criesforever
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