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Last Week in Twitter

  • I miss internet. Get your act together @att, seriously. I’ve been 11 days without internet.
  • Downtown. It begins to rain. Random people scattered about begin yelling “Rain!” #California
  • So, I have used a good chunk of data on my phone plan since I have no internet probably won't see me tweet outside of work hours
  • Dear photoshop, don't crash on me right now.
  • I guess someone stole the keys to our apartment building so ALL the locks are having to be replaced. Ugh.
  • Late to the party, but CONGRATS ON YOU CANADA! #StopHarper
  • Forgot to pack a lunch again. Man. I am terrible at doing things necessary for survival.
  • I just need a day to like...sleep the entire day.
  • Just got the following message in a program at work: "No authorization to push that button" Amazing.
  • I want to know why no one can tell me roughly when I MIGHT get Internet. Does @ATT just pick installs by lottery? Throw darts at a map??
  • Wow, I am getting super fucking pissed off with AT&T right now. You have no idea.
  • My dislike of Comcast actually is fueled by previous experience of having them as a client.
  • I almost made someone shoot coffee from their nose. I am glad he was able to control it.
  • First Half of the Week: I just want to sleep. Depressed.
    Second Half of the Week: I am so stressed and wired. Let's drink!
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