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  • "Why did they name an apple after a computer?" -A younger and dumber me eating a McIntosh.
  • Coworker complimented my signature and now I realized what am I gonna do when I get married???
  • Petition to define Millennials as anyone who can't remember a time before computers.
  • Ugh. Back is suddenly bothering me. Good thing I have some meds in my car...that's a couple of miles away.......argh. Damnit.
  • (unhappy noises)
  • Coworker brought up three 40lbs boxes of postcards...
  • Me: You should have called me to help!
    CW: They're heavy!
    Me: That's why we have a handtruck.
    CW: Up the stairs?!
    Me: We have an elevator.
  • Space will always be interesting. If someone says it is boring, well they are wrong and probably shouldn't be taken seriously.
  • We got some fiber muffins for today’s meeting. They have gotten some interesting reactions. #FiberMuffin
  • “Those are muffins? Did you take the tops???” “They smell like earth and sadness” #FiberMuffin
  • AT&T didn't finish wiring my building. Meaning I can't get internet until they finish their JOB.
  • Even when I am not an AT&T customer they are screwing me over.
  • There are honestly days where the thought of raising children in America terrifies me.
  • Tomorrow I am working from West Cliff. Outside and watching surfers. WHAT A HORRIBLE FRIDAY!!! /s
  • Coworker wanted to know how live TV happens here. I explained it. He asks our tech guy who repeats what I said. >:(
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