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Last Week in Tweets

  • >How long of a wait for 2?
    >“15 minutes”
    >45 mins later we are still not seated and there has been an empty table the whole time
  • We left and went to starbucks for something quick and the guy taking our order couldnt grasp the idea of no cheese.
  • I have been watching you assemble sandwiches. Just. Dont put cheese on it
  • “…social justice is not justice. It’s a mob mentality that destroys…”
  • I finally have a little doodle of Rumarin up at work because I'm a total loser like that and I don't care.
  • I fucking hate pinterest.
  • I should probably look in a mirror and see if my hair is okay to be in public with, huh?
  • My hair can be offensive at times by ignoring science with how it defies gravity and all that.
  • Purposely inconvenience self to avoid being harassed by Green Peace. Run into Planned Parenthood protesters instead. #Really?!
  • Grabbing a lemon-lime dumdum only for it to be cream soda. Why is my life suffering?
  • In the span of three minutes, I've almost ran into (literally) the CEO /twice/.
  • Friends and Adem put a couch in the elevator. Now the question is…can they get it out?
  • I made a joke in the marketing meeting and the CEO wants to buy the URL now.

    >Looks at camera.
  • OH: if one kiss made you bi, I would be super gay!
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