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My Part-Time Kitties

My current apartment is part of an open complex with a lot of grass, trees, and walkways. A lot of cats wander about and I often try to coax them into coming close to me so I can pet them.

There is a super pretty and super friendly cat that wanders about named Lele. She lives two doors over and has adopted Adem and I as her part-time home. She will come up to our front door, meow, and want in. We let her. Since she isn't our cat, we simply leave the door open for her when she comes to say hi and she can leave whenever she pleases. She usually does this in the morning.

The other day on the weekend, I heard Lele meowing and so I opened the door. It was a nice day and so I left it pretty wide open. Gave her some attention and then she went off to sleep in our bed for a bit.

I was on the computer and little bit later I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over wasn't Lele.

It was a different cat, a grey one. I call him "Roll-y Poll-y" or "Noisy Kitty." whenever I say hi to him in the courtyard. Whenever I give him pets outside, he starts meowing and rolling around on the ground at my feet. I don't know what his name actually is. And there he was, standing in our kitchen with happy/friendly tail and looking at me like, "What? I totally belong here."

We are slowly getting adopted by all the neighborhood cats.

Adem and I move in a week and I feel sorry for anyone who moves in there. They will (at the very least) have a cat meowing at their door almost every morning and walking in like she owns the place. Ha ha.

I am definitely going to miss our part-time cats. Though, our new place is pretty rad in other ways.
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