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Last Week in Tweets & a Hot Button Issue

  • Haven't been at work for an hour and it is already a busy day. Yikes!
  • I apparently have a thing for elves. This is just something I am going to have to accept.
  • I like seeing celebrities slap fight on twitter 140 characters at a time. Reminds me that they too are human. He he.
  • So much happened today that I thought it was Tuesday.
  • Me: I have a cut.
    Adem: What’s going to happen?
    Me: I’m going to die. Someday. Probably not from this cut.
  • That terrible feeling when you design something awesome only to realize you forgot something. It's like "WHERE THE FUCK AM I GONNA PUT IT?!"
  • So I got out my drawing tablet travel case so I could bring it to work and found dead spiders in it. That was cool. (Not.)
  • A school district in Washington banned TAG. The game of TAG. (And not "extreme tag" that causes serious injury...aka Football. lol)
  • So, I keep bracing myself and expecting certain things to happen at work and then it doesn't. It's weird. (But nice.)
  • I've worked in a toxic environment before and I've just normalized certain behaviors. So I keep expecting it to come up, but doesn't.
  • So much about the culture on the internet is making me so angry right now.
  • So apparently Hilary Clinton gave Lena Dunham the time of day or some shit? Want to reach out to Dunham's audience? Well fuck you.
  • Guess who will definitely not be voting for Hilary Clinton if she is the Democratic nominee? This guy.

Politics suck in the U.S. The older I get the crankier I get with how it works. I don't hate Hilary, but I don't think she is the best democratic choice. I don't think she's terrible, but I am really looking for that potentially stellar president who will fix a bunch of shit. Unfortunately, we don't have much of a choice in the matter in who gets on the ticket. And also unfortunately, being democratic POTUS is shit because the majority of republicans seem perfectly okay with holding the country in a stand-still.

But finding out that Hilary likes Lena Dunham, supports her, likes Lena's work, and sees Lena Dunham as the connection needed to reach youth especially young women? Fuck. No.

I cannot in good conscience support Hilary now.

I seriously hate that woman and how so many people support her.

Adem asked me why and I tried to explain, but even attempting to do so sets me off.
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