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Last Week in Tweets

  • I am so hungry and we are having soup for dinner. I must be the only person who hates soup for the main course.
  • OHing someone struggling to explain that spam doesn't mean someone hacked your email account.
  • TIL that 5 years later I still laugh just thinking about that ridiculous scene between Mina and Billy in the Gundam 00 movie
  • Almost passed out today. That was fun. Don't know why...but I am okay now!
  • U.S. politics makes me cry inside.
  • Did Donald Trump REALLY say "My temperament is very good, very calm." REALLY? HAS HE MET HIMSELF????
  • The #GOPDebate is like bad Reality TV. Only it is doubly painful knowing that these drama llamas want to be POTUS.
  • >Put a bunch of notes in notepad
    >Go to save

    Today really hates me.
  • Playing a racist character in D&D and found a new race to hate. Fuckin fake elves! (Racist towards gnomes, goblins, and now dark elves)
  • Our party has a goblin named Bug. My character assumes everyone calls him bug because he’s a goblin. . .& doesnt realize it’s his name lol
  • Now if you'll excuse me, we are going to watch cartoons.
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