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Last Week in Tweets

  • Looking forward to going home and playing Skyrim, haha.
  • -Return to work.
    -305 new emails.
  • I don't think the person who was here before me knew how to use Adobe Illustrator. Nothing. Makes. Any. Fucking. Sense.
  • Guy at the front desk has two hugging bunny figures and I am so tempted to...rehome them to my desk and see how long until he notices.
  • Coworker: Have you ever written a press release before?
    Me: No. I've only been on the receiving end of them.
  • Drunk guy downtown was yelling: "Women can't be [unintelligible]! They aren't Mexicans!" Oh #SantaCruz
  • So tonight was wine night. And my bottle of wine wasn't very good. But I still had it all.
  • There is a reason you have to be 35+ to be POTUS. If Donald Trump somehow wins, we will have a POTUS with the mental capacity of a 12yo
  • A local pasta/pizza place I really like has messed up my order four or five times. Friends are concerned why my orders get messed up.
  • I keep going back because good food, they are nice, and they have always fixed it.
  • Tonight my personal pizza wasn’t personal size…
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