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First Week Down!

The new job is going great! I see why now why I was hired and I feel confident that I can do the job well and serve the role they need from me. Bonus is that all the people here so far seem pretty great, friendly, and helpful.

During my first day I felt a bit awkward and was a little worried still about being able to perform and fill whatever role they were expecting me to. That's kind of what I meant by how I felt a little nervous going into a job where they didn't know me. I had no idea what was expected of me or if the bar they were setting was something even attainable. My second day really helped me feel a lot better and set a clear picture of what I am getting myself into. Seeing it and better understanding the company I do believe I will be able to fill the role well and that certainly puts my mind at ease.

I am in the marketing department which in a way consisted of only one person who started out as an intern. There was a graphic designer guy who was there part time, but the impression I am getting is here purely did graphics for anyone who needed graphics. The marketing coordinator and the CEO both know how to do graphics to a point, but they wanted someone to come in and take the bulk like before. So I am essentially replacing him. Since I am full time I will be doing other marketing stuff as well which will be good for me and something I am interested in.

Everyone I have been meeting here is great. It is a very friendly and comfortable environment. It is also located downtown so it is nice to go out and walk around on my lunch break or even grab something to eat downtown as well.
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