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Last Week in Tweets

  • I havent worked at an office in almost 2 years. This is weird. And omg I dont know anyone.
  • Okay I feel super dumb. How the hell do I turn on my computer??? Or monitor?
  • Okay…my office mate’s computer just turned on on its own. . .
  • During the all staff meetingit was discussed about how it is okay to feel foolish. It's like somehow they knew I couldn't turn on a computer
  • So...I can't find anything saved with layers.

    *Looks at camera.*
  • OHing people talking about videogames. Slow tech support day apparently. Ha ha.
  • It is difficult to keep from jumping out and being like "HI CAN I JOIN THIS CONVERSATION???"
  • Okay Naproxen. You normally help out my back, but I need you to help out my head, k? Acetaminophen has failed me today.
  • It's kind of weird working downtown as this early in the morning it is dead. I am so use to seeing people around EVERYWHERE.
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