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Last Week in Tweets

  • *SCREAMING!!!!*
  • I GOT A JOB!!! :D
  • When Adem's alarm went off this morning, I briefly thought to myself, "Do I work today?" My body is so ready to go back to work!
  • I can't believe Adem was able to sleep inside an MRI machine. Proof that he is a sound sleeper. Geeze.
  • Holy shit thunder?! I havent heard thunder in 4 years!!!
  • Kermit and Miss Piggy are the only celebs whose breakup I actually care to hear about.
  • I have so many thoughts & feels about Rumarin from a #skyrim mod & I just keep it to myself. But honestly I dont know if I can much longer.
  • Out of context dnd quote: “Why do I have half a bag of teeth?”
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