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Last Week in Tweets

  • FINALLY saw the movie Inside Out and yes. This movie is good. More like this please.
  • Stomach discomfort kept me up until 6am this morning. Then I got up out of bed at around 11am.
  • How the fuck do cellar spiders keep getting inside my apartment?! Goddamn.
  • I should go to the DMV but ugh. Don't wanna.
  • This is my home now. Please send all mail to this #dmv
  • OHing a #dmv employee struggling to get someone to read the eye chart. They probably shouldnt drive if they cant find the chart.
  • I will die here. #dmv. Funeral services are tomorrow. In lieu of flowers, please play Skyrim for me.
  • California will make you hate drivers, cyclists, & pedestrians all at the same damn time. We’re too self-centered to travel like sane people
  • OHing a mom tell her kid “Remember at Disneyland and the long lines there? You never acted like this.” Um Disneyland=\=DMV lol
  • I hate how depression decides "You should totally sleep now" and your body just says "Yes. Good idea." and follows that advice. Ugh.
  • Someone sent a happy bday text with a ton of emojis & so I thought I should use some back, but then I was like “how do I insert them?” #old
  • >Go to restaurant website
    >Click on "reservations"
    >Page is a giant picture with small text that reads "See you soon!"
    >*Stares at camera*
  • >Call
    >"I'd like to make a reservation."
    >"We don't take reservations."
    >"Your website says you do?"
    >"Yeah, we don't."
    >*Stares at camera*
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