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Last Week in Tweets

  • Father’s day. Gonna guess that work will be busy as hell today. :/
  • You know what would make work awesome today? If my roller coaster was open. It’s been closed for over a week!
  • I pulled a tendon in my foot within the first hour of work. It’s been hell today…
  • My ride is all the way at the other end of the park from the employee parkinglot. Got to my car and discovered I had a ride key…
  • Had to walk back and now have to go back to my car. It’s like a 15 min walk one way. I hate everything.
  • Latest bruise count: 43. 45 if you count two i didnt get from work.
  • I thought this job would be part time but I am getting over 40 hours and working 6 days a week. :/
  • Im not a happy bunny
  • Certified to run bumper cars. It is awful. Who came up with the idea of letting kids who dont understand how to drive…drive?!
  • Best and most awkward part of the day…the ride stopped working so I asked everyone to exit and apologized. Everyone just stared at me.
  • Locked my keys in my car as I am SO AWESOME. sigh.
  • Highlight of my day: gotta scream at a kid.
  • Of course there is a mother fucking major accident making me fucking late to my interview ARGH I HATE EVERYTHING.
  • Pretty sure that "We filled the position internally." is the experienced job seeker's version of "Sorry, you must have experience."
  • Oh snap. Look at all the hurricanes coming for the U.S. right now. God must be angry. Oh wait, the world isn't falling apart? Look at that.
  • Love the idea of people saying they are moving to Canada because of the same-sex marriage ruling. No you're not, but if you
  • OH Adem talking to his brother: “we’ll see. Ani might be tired of theme parks for a long while.”
  • Gonna make marshmallow ice cream! :9

Wow. So last week was just me being angry for most of it. Ha ha.

Also. Should note. The bumper cars ride is the kind where you're supposed to drive in one direction...and not a free-for-all.
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