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Last Week in Tweets

  • Jurassic World was really good. I want to know if Claire’s heels are made of steel or something.
  • D&d. One player isnt a great tactician and runs away from group of enemies to attack one on their own…leaving me alone with all the enemies.
  • Like really??? Sigh. Im going to die.
  • “You need to get in melee with him so I can get flanking” “he’s an archer” “So?! Just punch the guy!” Ugh.
  • This player is super pissing me off.
  • My character took 54 fucking points of damage in one round from a dragon and now that it’s his turn he wants to reason with it.
  • “Well, the dragon isnt evil so maybe we can reason with it” The fucking dragon took well over half my hp asshole.
  • All he ever wants to do is fucking run away or reason with everything. Why do you even fucking play D&D?!
  • Then he gets mad & yells at us when we dont do certain things. (He was the one telling the archer to get into melee so HE could get a bonus)
  • I seriously want to fucking rage quit. I am super angry.
  • Called it. Two weeks ago someone asked if I thought Trump would run for President again. Of course he would and of course he is.
  • My answer, "He hasn't been in the media for a while and he is needy for attention, so of course he'll run."
  • So I am wearing a button up NEON GREEN shirt to my interview. Because it's my best looking (and clean) shirt at the moment. Awesome.
  • I have 17 bruises on me from work.
  • If anyone cares, I am pretty miserable right now. And I don't think that will change anytime soon.
  • But if you saw me at work I promise to have a fake smile. Please watch your step and exit through the gate straight ahead. Thank you.
  • I should get dressed for work, but that requires moving and moving hurts. Everything hurts and I hate everything.
  • Bruise count up to 26
  • I haaate baths and yet the idea of just sitting in hot water sounds super nice to my sore as hell body. Stupid California and the drought.
  • I'm never not hurting right now. Except when I am working, I think my body just goes numb so I can get through it.
  • I get so amused that an operator has to test ride their ride every morning. It looks so sad to see one quiet person riding a rollercoaster.
  • It is just shocking how so many parents dont watch their kids who are obviously under the age of 6.
  • Like. Im bisexual. I want more exposure for bisexuals. But #RachelDolezal coming out as bi is not what I wanted.
  • Tonight’s official bruise count: 38.
  • Anyway. Real talk: Haven't had pepto bismol since I was a kid as the pink scares me. Found an ORANGE CREAM one and got it.
  • Nasty-ass awful liquid of doom. Is the point of pepto bismol to make you vomit and feel better that way?! Geezus.
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