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Last Week in Tweets

  • I sometimes forget anxiety can have physical effects. Been nauseous all day and just now realized it is anxiety. Why brain, why?
  • Every dept has a different colored shirt as their uniform. Ride operation is red. A red shirt. Should I be concerned???
  • I am not awake. This awake thing I am doing right now is actually an illusion.
  • I got my "You're too poor for Health Insurance" package. It's like...a college text book. I am not even joking...omg.
  • Adem says no videogames tonight as we play too much. :[ BOO-URNS.
  • Just had a very good and promising interview. Woo!
  • When I was hired at the theme park, they logged me into the system as a minor.
    >Stares at camera.
  • Anyway. BAD MOVIE TIME? Or bad movie time??? I need to find one.
  • All right. Cheerleader Ninjas because fuck yeah, let's do this.
  • #CheerleaderNinjas Drinking game: Take a drink every time someone farts in this movie. You'll have alcohol poisoning by the end.
  • #CheerleaderNinjas This movie was terrible and I feel terrible for watching it. Thankful it is over. Not nearly as bad as ATM though.
  • My fave moment from training yesterday. Someone asked “what if a guest loses something in the pond?”
    Manager: “we…dont go into the pond”
  • Just the way he said it and the look on his face made me wonder what dark and horrible secrets are in the pond…
  • Was i this dumb as a teen????
  • That awkward moment when you turn into a werewolf because of the full moon in an orphanage. #JustSkyrimThings
  • Another amusing moment in training yesterday. Being told that the morning crew has to do a test ride.
  • Guy in front of me raised his hand and asked, "Even the rapids ride?" Yes. Even the rapids ride. Hope he has fun being soaked every morning
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