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Last Week in Tweets PLUS Bad Movie Mention

  • In the near future I will rip apart this apartment looking for my SS card. Ugh. I wish I was better at keeping things in smart places.
  • Found my SS Card! It was in my scrapbooking supply box because that is totally a smart place for it.
  • Loving my new Skyrim character. A Wood Elf. I've decided the Bosmer is best race and the Altmer just can't deal with that information.
  • They are using a chainsaw right outside my window and it sounds like they are just right beside me. /collapses
  • Why. Why must we be using chainsaws at 8am? Why. And yes, chainsaws is supposed to be plural…
  • Happy Friday and bad movie day! Today's movie will be Asteroid vs Earth.
  • How can I pass up a movie with the tagline: Heaven is falling, so earth must move?!
  • #AvsE We successfully moved the Earth out of the way of an Asteroid when a man falls over backwards into an erupting volcano w/ warheads.
  • I watch dumb/bad/absurd movies on Netflix so you don't have to.
  • Just realized that in #AvsE they kept saying deflecting the asteroid would be impossible "because physics" & yet they were able 2 MOVE EARTH

Wow, so. I have made it a thing to watch a bad or absurd sounding movie and live tweeting it. That's my life now.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: Super fun old movie that yes is bad, but fun.
3 Pigs and a Baby: I hate that movie. Intended for drooling babes who can't talk yet and probably only get the sense of flashing colors.

And then the last movie I watched, Asteroid vs. Earth. I begin?

I think this is the perfect movie to watch with friends, knowing full well that it is bad, and simply make fun of it together while watching it. I actually had a TON of fun talking about how bad this movie is to other people. I kept laughing at how ridiculous it was at certain points. Ha ha ha.

This movie doesn't do science well. Like. At all. My favorite comment was someone explaining how we needed to create an explosion to expose the Earth's core. And yeah. The movie is about moving the Earth out of the way of the asteroid. Also, especially love how the U.S. Airforce was in charge and did everything the President would do. Honest. They would give orders, the Marines would make sure they were delivered, and the Navy would perform the orders. It was a very strange and unique setup.

There is a lot more I could say about the movie. It was all ridiculous and in a way that would make it fun to watch with long as everyone knew it is a bad movie. Ha ha!
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