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Last Week in Tweets

  • Apparently the office hours for the Employment Development Department for the state of California is 8am to noon. wat.
  • Was playing some Skyrim this morning and my character got married.
  • Things got awkward when my new husband stripped naked right after I said "I do." #Skyrim
  • Anxiety attacks in public are the worst. But I survived tonight!
  • What if…I just lie here on the floor forever? What if…
  • All right, it is Friday. Totally going to find another weird/absurd/bad movie to live tweet. I bet you're all so excited!
  • OMG! 3 Pigs and a Baby is back on Netflix!!!
  • So. You know how children's movies often add humor mixed in for adults so they can enjoy the movie too? This is not one of those movies.
  • Good movie for kids. Terrible movie for everyone else.
  • So, we are out bowling and the people in the lane next to us are fucking douche bags. They messed me up by bowling at the same time as me…
  • They are using the names “dtrain” “sexybeast” and the n-word. (They are white or hispanic)
  • I am pissed off, so one friend comments “You can be a douchebag anywhere. Why would you pay to be one?” I lost it. LOL
  • The guy named sexybeast slipped and fell down. Should have seen me grinning.
  • Just noticed another is bowling under the name blackey. None of them are black!
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