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And Now For Something Completely Different: Santa and Martians

I watched the 1964 movie, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Don't ask why, it just happened. I live tweeted my thoughts and I really feel the need to share this movie with other people.

The Gist - There is something wrong with the kids on Mars and so the Martians decide they need to kidnap Santa Claus from Earth hoping that he can help. Of course not all the Martians are okay with this.

  • We are not off to a good start...

  • Apparently I've been pronouncing "Santa" wrong. These kids are saying "Sant-ee Claus!"
  • Anyone who knows me real well knows that creepy children freak me out. I wasn't aware this was a horror movie.

  • Santa is painting some toys! I am glad to know Santa also makes toys and just doesn't leave it to the elves. Good on him!
  • I am glad these martians speak English and that I don't have to read subtitles.
  • I am jealous of martian technology. Apparently vacuuming the room just involves twisting a knob on the wall.
  • When did the planet Mars get so...hairy?
  • The ancient one of Mars looks like Dr. Wily from Megaman...just in rags.
  • "We don't have children on Mars. They have children's bodies, but adult minds." Shit. This movie suddenly got deep!
  • "Earth has had Santa Claus long enough! We will bring Santa to Mars." LOL!!!
  • The martians are getting confused by all the people dressed as Santa Claus and here I am freaking out and hoping they get the right one.
  • The martian ship has a clock specifically for Earth Time. Mars time apparently divided into quarters?

  • USA's reaction to a UFO...ATTACK AND DESTROY! I know I shouldn't be surprised, but here we are.
  • "It seems the two kids have vanished into thin air." Kidnapped. The word you are looking for is kidnapped. This news report is dumb.
  • Back in the day when CGI wasn't a thing and a dude in a bear suit would have to do. <3

  • I am okay with a guy in a bear suit, but did we have to use the sound effect of a lion roaring for it???
  • Santa treated the Martian's giant robot as a toy and as a result, it started to believe it was a toy. That...that actually happened.
  • Just now realized this movie was made before we had been to the moon.
  • I love Santa in this movie. He is so adorable. <3
  • Omg. One of the Martians is going rogue and locking two kids and Santa Claus in an airlock to kill them. D: This movie made a scary turn.
  • Omg
  • Well, glad to see Santa Claus isn't panicking about their impending death.

  • Santa and the kids are safe and alive. But now I am concerned about what is casting this shadow on Mars!

  • I wish you guys could hear Santa cackling. It is a riot! He cackles.
  • I want the word "swell" to come back into use.
  • One Martian wants to become Santa Claus.

  • And the evil Martians who want to kill Santa can't tell that the green-faced Santa is one of their own...
  • Santa is defeating the evil Martians with toys, bubbles, and laughter. I mean cackling.

  • With the evil Martians defeated, the good Martians having their own Martian-Santa, Santa Claus returns home just in time for Christmas. YAY!

And because I HAVE is a short clip of Santa's amazing laugh:

This movie was fun. Old movie but I am not going to claim it is a bad movie because of that. I did mention how we sent a rocket to go after the Martians and...that was never followed up in the movie! Ha ha ha.
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