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Last Week in Tweets

Last week was pretty bad for me. I plan on ranting about it in the near future.

  • Writing cover letters suck.
  • Insomnia and depression are a terrible combination.
  • The taxes I had to pay as self-employed are so not worth it. A little orange pill is keeping me from a panic attack.
  • Covered California is a pain in the ass. There is no way to just submit "I am now unemployed".
  • I am being asked to submit proof of making $0.
  • Reason number #129 why not to date me. If you put me in charge of cooking dinner one night I will fail. (Unless stir fry, I rock that.)
  • Life sucks bitch whine moan
  • What if...I stayed in bed all day?
  • An energy healer stopped and talked to me. It was an interesting experience...he was a nice guy though.
  • Healer: I move energy around to correct pain. *Move hands* See what I did there?
    Me: Yeah?
    Healer: How does your shoulder feel?
    Me: ...wat?
  • Healer: Does it hurt anymore? I moved the pain away.
    Me: ...It...
    Me: It didn't hurt...
    Me: I don't...
    Me: ...wat?
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