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Last Week in Tweets

  • TIL that hospitals..."don't diagnose"?
  • You go to a hospital because you are unable to walk and lost strength in your arms...but it's not their job to figure out why apparently.
  • Dumb shit on the internet already and the excuse is, "It's April 1st in other parts of the world." Do other parts even observe April Fools?!
  • Do I really have to put up with dumber shit on the internet for TWO days instead of one?
  • Clearly it is too early for me to do anything. Started up two loads of laundry without soap. Oi.
  • Adem is wondering if people will recognize him as Setsuna tomorrow.
  • It’s like…honey…you are cosplaying as the protagonist. Of a GUNDAM show. Yes. People will know who you are.
  • Graham is helping Setsuna get dressed! #easilyamused
  • Ive never been so attracted to Setsuna
  • Someone called me Bushido…
  • OH: “Why is there a line?! Why is there always a line?!” “Must be his first con…” #sakuracon
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