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Accidentally took my antidepressant before bed last night. I take it in the morning since it usually makes it difficult for me to sleep. I took a couple of sleep aids hoping that would get me through the night, but I woke up at 4:15am. When an hour and a half went by and I still wasn't back asleep, I just got up.

Gives me a chance to update LJ like I have been meaning to.

Work has really slowed down and we even lost someone. It's a bit sad and depressing. I love my job, but it looks like it won't last long. I haven't been able to find a new job, but I also kind of...fucked up my website. (THAT was a fun weekend.) When trying to update my website, I was having issues. Long story short, I have to start all over. Been poking at it when I can, but it isn't nearly done and so that makes things tricky when applying for jobs that want to see an online portfolio. Oops.

Friends are getting married this Saturday. A little sad that the wrapping paper I ordered isn't as cool as it looked online. They are having a space themed wedding. :3 Blues and silvers are their colors and so I wanted to get some "space" wrapping paper. Looked cool online, but when I got it the colors were a bit muted. Oh well. Still neat looking overall (space is always cool) and when I add some ribbon, I think it will look nice! I will try to take a lot of pictures this weekend. I am particularly excited to see their moon cake. I was with them when they were talking to different bakers about making a moon cake. I loved how most people would ask, "Do you have a picture of what you want?" I always wanted to respond with, "Have you looked outside at night and looked at the moon?!" I've held my tongue every time, though.

Gaming! We recently started a World of Darkness group and it is going well this time! And in our D&D game on the side (when certain people aren't available), my character died. :3;; I haven't had a character death in a long time. Poor just wasn't her battle.

Oh! Adem and I talked to our apartment complex and they had no issue about letting us sign a 6 month lease at a reasonable rent level. So thankfully we won't have to move only to move again 6 months later. Phew! He hasn't finished applying to colleges yet. I will be sure to post when we start hearing back from places. He is applying to the college he originally went to, Berkeley, Stanford, and a college up in Washington.

So that's what is going on for me.
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