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Tweets of the Last Two weeks.

  • I don't understand why companies without websites advertise online. Get a website first. Even if only a basic one.
  • You're a lawyer. I am sure you can afford a website.
  • The TV people I have to work with time and time again show me that they are incapable of answering multiple questions at once.
  • I just want an Umbreon. How is it not considered "nighttime" right now???
  • God damn. I am so tired of people defending violence.
  • I am away from twitter for one evening to watch Jurassic Park with some friends and miss something about a dress. #NeverChangeInternet
  • When I was a little kid, I wanted to do the Vulcan salute so badly I would tape my fingers together until I could do it on my own.
  • Ugh. Girls. Why are ladies so fucking cute? It's killing me right now.
  • Apparently I have fanart of Joshua in a SEED uniform. (Of course I do, why am I surprised.)
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