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Last Week in Tweets

  • I am so fucked in the head. And I wish it was just depression that I have to live with.
  • Ya know. Sometimes I want to point out to certain clients that I'm also a consumer and treating me like shit means I won't be their customer
  • And if you anger me enough, I will happily tell everyone what a terrible company you are. See example: Blue Shield of California.
  • Adem is looking into MBA programs and keeps getting stuff from schools. Today is from Miami. I...I don't want to live in Florida. At all.
  • I haaaate the mall (our Target is part of the mall). They don't believe in airconditioning. I know it's winter, but fuck, it's California
  • I always leave the mall sweating like a crazy person.
  • Clearly my body/brain believes sleep is something we don't need right now. I hate them so much.
  • I got Pokemon X. I haven't played Pokemon since Pokemon Red. I mean...before Pokemon Yellow was a thing. No joke. #old
  • Productive Valentine's Day so far! Cleaned bathroom, did dishes, took out trash! Gaming will be happening in the near future!
  • So far in my weightloss journey since October, I've lost 12 pounds! :3
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