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Late to the Party: Last Week in Tweets

  • Since Adem isn't home tonight, I am going to watch a movie I love that he won't watch with me because's he's dumb sometimes. Yay.
  • I want cupcakes. Ugh.
  • I don't...feel sick. Just a little sore. WOOOOOOO!!! Let's bounce off the walls!
  • I saw a man in a a suit...with FACIAL HAIR. I wanted to die right there omg.
  • I wanted to stare and drool, but ya know. That might be seen as creepy and/or rude.
  • Sorry not sorry but a fedora is sexy as FUCK when paired with the right outfit and this guy had it goin' on!
  • And he had facial hair. Unf.
  • The only way it could have been better is if he had green eyes. But I don't know since I wasn't creepy/rude with staring.
  • "What if buying condoms was like buying the birth control pill." IS THE DUMBEST FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT I'VE SEEN ALL MONTH.
  • And I see a LOT of dumb shit. I go on Reddit and occasionally 4chan so...I should be use to dumb shit...BUT I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS.
  • Might be getting sushi tonight, then wine with a movie, scrap booking...then tomorrow gaming, drinking and party games...woo!
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