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I'm Dumb

I've never been the greatest at cooking. I hated doing it when I lived alone because it seemed like so much work for 5 to 10 minutes of enjoyment, only to be followed up with more work in the way of cleaning dishes. And of course that enjoyment depends on if what I attempted succeeded.

I'm not horrible by any means. And there are some recipes that I am fairly good at because I've done it so much, but cooking does bring up anxiety whenever I tap into anything new.

SO! For Christmas, Adem got me an ice cream maker! I've always wanted one because dairy hates me and dairy-free options are expensive and lacking. For our first attempt t ice cream, we selected vanilla and did our best at guessing substitutions for dairy with dairy-free stuff. The end was result was good! It still had SOME dairy in it, bit didn't upset my stomach. It was a fun adventure.

Well, I finally got a vegan ice cream book with actual recipes to follow. Adem and I decided to make two different chocolate recipes. 2qts of REAL dairy chocolate ice cream and 2qts of the vegan ice cream in my book. I was super excited to compare the two! The dairy one came out fine. The color was off to me, but tasted fine! Mine however? Hard as a rock and not too flavorful. I tacked it off to the obvious fact that cream and sugar is tasty and amazing and my ice cream had none of that. (Instead of sugar, it calls for maple syrup instead.)

I got curious today as Adem's brother had mentioned to be "careful" with coconut milk. Something about it being a natural laxative. Curious to see if there was any weight to it, I began googling a bit. Discovered it is more that a liquid that's high in fiber. And ridiculously high in calories. Most of the "be careful" notes I was seeing about coconut milk was that it has a lot of calories and high in saturated fat.


The coconut milk I used is very low in calories!

There are different ways to buy coconut milk, isn't there?

Yeah. I'm dumb. Not being one that cooks much out of one's comfort zone, I didn't know about coconut milk in a can. (And the recipe certainly didn't say anything other than "coconut milk.") The stuff where the first ingredient isn't water. Where it is 480 calories per cup instead of only 45 calories per cup. I feel really dumb. And of course my first instinct is to just toss everything in the air and be like "Never trying again!" But I won't. Just sigh, recognize it is a silly mistake, and hey. Next time I make it it will be GOOD.

Because now I know.
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