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Night Classes

With the possibility of losing my job sometime this year hanging over my head, I decided to sign up for bartending classes. It is actually something I've wanted to do for a long time, even back when I was living in Washington. I just...never did. Probably anxiety and the uncomfortable feeling of doing new things around strangers. Anyway...

The program I signed up for is two weeks long equaling 40 hours of class time. It is more than just learning different drinks and mixing them, but also the business and customer service side of being a bartender. How to deal with people, cash register use, setting up a bar, stocking a bar, and all that jazz. I am pretty excited. Also, the program has many classes across the states and offers job assistance. So, I think it will be a fun experience and giving me another outlet for potential jobs if/when needed.

Start a week from today. Woo!
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