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Last Week in Tweets

  • Day 12 of being sick and Day 10 of sinus infection. I should be getting better now, right?
  • Gotta love it when clients make you feel crazy.
  • Every time I accidentally use the wrong "its/it's" I want to scream "I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! HONEST."
  • Looking into bartending classes and considering applying for a job as a security guard as I don't know what I am doing in life anymore.
  • I fucked up. I fucked up my life. I was so desperate to get out of an abusive home that I didn't THINK about what I was doing in college.
  • Just that I wanted to go to college to get away. I wasn't thinking about the future. Just my own sanity at the time.
  • 2013 was such a horrible year for me. A horrible job environment and I couldn't get a new one.
  • And now I have to job search again? When I do I feel like such a worthless piece of fucked up shit who made a bad decision in 2002.
  • Who thought drinking Apple Cider Vinegar was okay? It is not okay! This is far from okay!

Last week was not the best week.
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