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Last Two Weeks in Tweets

  • I wonder how many calories are in a bottle of wine. Scratch that. I don't want to know.
  • Ugh. It's cold this morning. I hate cold.
  • Uh, so in this National Geographic, there is a blurb about redheads experiencing pain differently.
  • One of the things it mentions is that studies are beginning to show that red heads are more resistant to local anesthesia.
  • That...could explain some things. The second most painful experience I've had was when local anesthesia wore off quickly during a gum graft.
  • They said they couldn't do anything to help. I had to tough it out. I was in so much pain, crying, and wanted so badly to punch the nurse.
  • Wrongly assumed the baddies in this story battle would be leveled up with me. My lowest character is 70ish and their highest is 45. #FFT
  • Listening to the Wonder Years while working. That's how I roll.
  • It's sad that when I visit a news website I am not familiar with, the first thing I wonder is, "What's their bias?"
  • Reading about why “phone blocks” wont work. And the first reason they give me just pisses me off…
  • “To keep the size small…components are packed in as closely as possible.” THEN WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SMALL SMART PHONE?!
  • Dear table of 6 people who are splitting a check 6 ways: fuck you. You are the reason Ive been in a pub for 10 mins and havent seen a waiter
  • Boss is hoping for a slow week this week. That would be nice, but sales people are slackers and I expect this will be a week of hell.
  • Got into an argument over healthcare in the U.S. Fellow American tells me it is my fault for having shit insurance...
  • ...and that I should quit my job and go work at Walmart or McDonalds to get better insurance. #NotMakingThisShitUp
  • America: Land of school shootings, no justice for children/teens who are murdered, and outrageous medical costs.
  • But in some states bestiality is not outlawed, so I guess there's...that? Wait. That just makes us look even more ridiculous.
  • I rather die faster and suffer more than deal with all these medical expenses with half of them showing up out of the blue months later.
  • Man, do I ever hate the taste of milk and fake-milk trying to taste like real milk. Blegh.
  • I cannot stay awake for the life of me right now.
  • I am tired of being this tired almost every day at this time. It's so bad that I have trouble working.
  • Having a panic attack at kickboxing class is totally something i never wanted to experience.
  • Living w/ mental illness: something causes you to break down & when you calm down, you break again thinking about how fucked up you are.
  • I really hope my new insurance that starts next year will help cover the antidepressant that works for me.
  • Me: EW! WTF is "Frog Eye Salad"?!
    Adem: You have the INTERNET right in front of you.
    Me: NO! I want to ask the universe!
  • Naming the resident squirrels. There is Fonzie, Duckie, and Norman.
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