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Last Week in Tweets

  • This is probably the ugliest ad I have ever made. Maybe. Unfortunately I've made several ugly ads in my career.
  • The only way it could get worse is if the client wants me to add a dancing Obama and the text "Doctors hate him!"
  • #ExplainAnAnimePlotBadly - College dude gets a girlfriend after dialing the wrong number. Divine mishaps ensue.
  • I wish my clients would stop using the phrase "clickbait" for their call to action ideas.
  • Exercise Video: Hey! Keep your hands up!
    Me: How did you know?!
  • Haven't slept well the past three nights. ksfa;kghfg. Today is going to be long.
  • I probably shouldn't take a nap, but fuck you I'm an adult.
  • Also, anthro animals are the best. No lie.
  • No on 46. No on 46. No on 46. No on 46. AAARGH. SO SICK OF POLITICAL ADS. #GoingCrazy
  • Filled out my ballet and it is sealed away. Can those political ads stop playing for me now? No? Damn.
  • That feeling when you're hung over and the neighbor is hammering next to your bedroom and you don't have the energy to move away.
  • Ooooh. It's November. Have fun with NaNoWriMo folks who participate. Good luck!

Also. Voted yes on 46 because research. PLLLB.
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