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Last Week in Tweets

  • A new gal working at CVS is adorable. Like. Let's be friends. I'll teach you D&D.
  • Accidentally distracted Adem from his studying with the dangerous new #AffirmativeConsent California law.
  • Had the pleasure of explaining to him how when he returns to college, under state law we will be rapists.
  • Gosh I am a brat even at work. Why am I allowed to exist???
  • Dear brain. Stop being depressed. Love, me.
  • I am a literal person and clients who give me instructions with no punctuation cause me so much stress.
  • My inner furry needs to watch "Dofus: The Treasures of Kerubim" apparently. Because wow looks adorable.
  • (And can I call it my inner furry when I present myself as a rabbit everywhere online? Hmmm. Shh. Let me pretend.)
  • Just witnessed a driver run their car into a cement island. I can see how a parked car might forget it was there but…
  • If there wasnt a cement thing…they would have hit me so…i dont know wtf they were doing
  • I wanted to sleep in Sunday morning so we planned on gaming tomorrow at 11am. We just made plans to have breakfast with friends at 9am. ARGH
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