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And this is when Ani loses it

I don't think I am made for this world. Or country. Or something.

I am so sick hearing about gamergate, HeForShe, feminism, and shit. *Pulls face* And I am not hearing about it from Tumblr...but twitter. *Rubs face* No. I've been pretty strict about who I follow and what I see on Tumblr to avoid all that shit and now all of a sudden it is up in my twitter and from people I hadn't expected to see it from.

It is so fucking frustrating sitting here. I just need to accept that I'm an asshole. Is there some island of assholes I can move to and be happy on?

Gamergate - I'm not a hardcore gamer really. I think gaming news sites are mostly shit anyway and I take reviews with a grain of salt. I much prefer getting reviews and opinions from people I know and trust and this is something I do with more than just video games. But that's just me. I don't blame people for getting pissed off or upset that gaming "news" sites are doing shit things under the guise of journalism. From some of the stuff I read and seen weeks ago, it's pretty shit. But then you have people whining and complaining thinking it is about hating women or some shit because of how this whole thing started and because there are assholes doing asshole things to people who are against gamergate. I'm just annoyed. And sick of it.

And part of the reason? Even if Gamegate gate is about "the right to objectify women" who cares?! THAT'S NOT HATING WOMEN! I have yet to hear any goddamn reason why objectification in media is wrong. I objectify both men and women. I know. I'm an asshole. But I believe what's important is how you fucking treat people personally. Just because I fucking like seeing hot ass men or women in some sort of advert or some shit doesn't mean I am going to treat people like shit. AND THAT'S THE THING.





It's totally legit that female gamers and even male gamers want more games that have bad ass women wearing a sane amount of clothing. That's cool. Or some sort of representation of minorities whether race or sexuality. Yeah. Totally legit. But to turn around say "OMG HOW HORRIBLE THIS FEMALE CHARACTER IS FOR WEARING TIGHT CLOTHES. PEOPLE WHO LIKE IT HATE WOMEN!!!" is fucking stupid. Seriously. Fuck you.

So I guess I am doubly mad because first, there IS a fucking concern over gaming journalism and second, there is nothing inherently wrong with objectifying women in a visual medium such as videogames.

#HeForShe - What pisses me off about HeForShe is how Emma Watson, who first spoke up about it, seems to be confused as to why Feminism has such a bad image. After reading her speech it is obvious to me that HeForShe is a re-branding of Feminism because instead of addressing the issues as to why Feminism has a bad image, it is easier to just pretend it isn't a problem. Or to ignore it.

HeForShe is such a fucking condescending name toward both men and women. He For She? Really? Pretty goddamn one sided for a movement that claims to be for equality. How about HeWithSheForUs? Or AllForEquality? Come on.

Now. I don't care if people want to focus on women's rights when it comes to gender equality. The world is a huge place. We are each individuals and our time and effort can't really be spread over everything. I totally get that. So, I really don't care that Feminism is Feminism. What I care is this: Some feminists are doing pretty bad shit and even harming gender equality. And other feminists are just ignoring it. "That's a small minority." "Not all feminists are like that." and "They're not real feminists." Well this small minority that most feminists aren't like are actually DOING SHIT. Blocking the male birth control pill for example. Demonizing male sexuality. Fighting against body autonomy for men. How can Emma and other feminists not see why Feminism has a bad image?

HeForShe is just Feminism in a different packaging. It isn't fixing the actual problems with Feminism that feminists need to stop ignoring.

Also, thank you Feminism for making me a future sexual assaulter...

Fuck You California - I don't know how many people know about this, but California recently passed the Affirmative Consent law...also known as Yes Means Yes law which applies to colleges in California. It has some good ideas. I may be against the "Teach men not to rape" bullshit mantra, but I am completely for "Teach everyone about consent!" I like that it is an effort to clearly state that silence isn't consent. I do think it is important for people to understand that your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/friend can rape you. That rape doesn't only happen between strangers.

But. With how vague it is in some places and how ridiculously worded it is in other places...allow me to come out as a future sexual assaulter. Or rapist. Whichever word you want to go with.

Adem is going to go back to college and most likely here in California. As defined by this new law, with the way Adem and I usually have sex...we are committing sexual assault and maybe even rape. Now of course, neither Adem or I are going to turn around and claim that that is what is happening. He's not going to turn to his college and try to get me convicted of sexually assaulting him. But if I in fact murder someone, I am still a murderer even if I am never caught or convicted of it.

Worst of all, with how the law is worded...the burden of proof is shifted to the person who is being accused. Way to go, California. Way to fucking go.

"You do not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of he wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause if improperly administered." -- Lyndon B. Johnson

It is a dangerous and disgusting law. Good intentions, sure...but it SERIOUSLY needs to be changed and corrected sooner rather than later.

But I get it. I'm a fucking asshole.
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