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Last Week in Tweets

  • So sleepy but it is so feckin hot. Wtf. Dear summer, go the fuck to sleep. No love, me.
  • I had a dream I got married and Graham was my Man of Honor. If only that could happen.
  • Adem won't wear corsets or skirts for me even though I reassured there are places to buy that sort of thing to fit his body.
  • (This is why you shouldn't date me.)
  • Accidentally bought cheerios instead of honey nut cheerios. My breakfast life is suffering.
  • Sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparklemotion! #vague
  • Been in a bad mood. Decide to read my old journal...second entry is about a time when my mother was yelling at me. So this was a bad idea
  • I think my brain wants Chinese food. I dreamt about it so much last night.
  • Using other people’s logic…I am a feminist and I hate women. This is what black and white thinking gets you.
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