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Last Week in Tweets

  • Question someone's "reading comprehension" and they tell me "I can read just fine." I think you just gave me my answer, dude.
  • In other news, Friday plans with Adem: wine and children movies. My movie is The Last Unicorn. Adem hasnt picked his yet! #adulthood
  • Wow. SB-967 is terrifying in some ways. If only #California knew better what was being passed, we could have stopped it. #Feminism
  • So, does this mean when Adem goes back to college, we'll be sexually assaulting (or raping) each other defined by California law?
  • Or do we both have to be students?
  • I wonder if our mail lady realizes that I see her every time literally throwing my package against my door.
  • I am too stubborn to call Nanaki in FFVII "Red XIII." As a result, this awkward conversation happens every time. (Photo )
  • Looks like I no longer have medical insurance. Fab. Fuck you Blue Shield Ca.
  • And new insurance wont kick in until 2015. Fab again.
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