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Last Week in Tweets

  • I can't remember if my desire to sleep all the time is a side effect of this antidepressant. I just remember it making me feel numb.
  • Also annoyed that the ringing in my ears that I got from the last antidepressant hasn't gone away. Am I stuck with it forever now?
  • None of this would have happened if my insurance would cover my Pristiq. Gods how I miss it.
  • I miss being a fully functional person.
  • I...I just got anonhate over my art on Tumblr. Wat.
  • What I learned from last night's community meeting is that I am completely oblivious to the crime that actually happens here.
  • I had a lot of nightmares last night. So this "awake" thing I am doing right now is all an illusion.
  • My challenge today is trying to make a classy looking ad using a church logo that features hearts, magenta, green, red, and primary blue.
  • Days go by and sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be allowed on the internet. Wow. I have so many unpopular opinions.
  • Cramps and pain and I have kick boxing tonight. Life is cruel. #whine
  • Someone I am following owns a unicorn mug. You all should be jealous. I know I am!

I actually made my twitter account public, but trust me. The interesting tweets end up here. Nothing else on my twitter is very interesting, ha ha.
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