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Tweets of Last Week

  • Everytime I let someone be the "exception to the rule" simply because I like them...I end up hating myself later on because of their belief.
  • Day whatever. Still nauseated.
  • Can we stop pretending that websites are newspapers and get rid of the "Above the Fold" mentality?
  • Interesting realization made in therapy that i feel dumb for not noticing sooner.
  • The bullshit side of Tumblr is like my past "friend" who became a radfem who thought it was okay to tell me what a worthless shit I am
  • Gods I fucking hate this fucking condescending fucking asshole.
  • I hate people
  • I can't take this right now.
  • Days go by and still I wonder if I will ever have enough Skyrim mods.
  • I had two bad dreams last night. One was just stressful as hell. Couldn't figure out what the wear to a friend's wedding.
  • Someone tagged Goo Goo Dolls as "Grunge" on Grooveshark. Um. Are we listening to the same band '
  • I am not use to working somewhere where they tell you "Good job!"
  • Go to open a chest. As soon as the item menu pops up i hear a terrible sound. I…didnt check for traps. #skyrim
  • So far on my quest to find this Snow Elf ive come across 7 large healing potions. Shit. How strong is this guy gonna be? #skyrim
  • To answer my question from last night, the Snow Elf made a building collapse on top of me. That was only ONE thing he did that hurt #skyrim
  • Mini golf in 95degree heat. Wooo!!!
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