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Not So Happy Things

I've found myself ill again. Similar to how I was back in May, but a few differences.

First, haven't had food poisoning resently.

Second, there's been bouts of sharp pain. The best way I can describe it is similar to sharp hunger pains. Which I can see why is happening. While feeling nauseous all the time I do have trouble eating. There will be times where I will start to have these extreme pain that makes it difficult to stand up straight. I eat something and it kind of helps. Still nauseous the whole time, though. [TMI (click to open)]One evening it was just really painful gas.

A third thing which isn't a bad thing is that this time around I don't have any problem sleeping.

But just like before I am having lower back pains and nausea. Sometimes I will get weird sensations of pressure in my stomach and sometimes it will just cramp.

I did see the doctor last week. He suggests it might be a stomach virus which was what the other doctor thought last time, but she had changed her mind after my blood work back then and treated me for a kidney infection. His concern is that a stomach virus shouldn't have lasted this long. He did a physical exam which I found to be pretty painful. From that he said it is definitely my stomach bothering me (instead of all the other bits mixed in there.) and that he thinks it is inflamed.

So, he had me get blood work done. My regular blood work came back fine. It didn't even show any signs of an infection of any sort unlike last time. I am still waiting on test results he is running to see if I have a stomach ulcer. During that he is having me take prilosec to see if stomach acid is irritating whatever is going on. Bleh. If evey thing comes back fine and I don't improve at all, my next step is to get an xray of some sort. Bleh.
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