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Last Week in Tweets

  • So. While celebrating my birthday with friends and cocktails at my place...there was a double stabbing at the complex. So that happened.
  • And Adem and I will be shopping for towels tomorrow. We heard the commotion and was able to help. Victims should be okay.
  • Now if you excuse me, I will go pass out on my bed now. I am sleepy.
  • Suddenly feel sick. I blame all these stores that dont seem to use air conditioning.
  • UPS: What's your last name? It's different.
    Me: German.
    UPS: Hey! They won the world cup!
    Me: ?????
  • World Cup is like March Madness to me. The extent to my knowledge is that it is a thing that happens about a sport I don't enjoy watching.
  • Actually had a serious discussion on what (in my opinion) cultural appropriation is & some guy steps in says a bunch & leaves me confused.
  • His whole premise is that the meaning cultures give to significant items/rituals/statuses is all arbitrary. Arbitrary???
  • Maybe I am just not awake yet, but I don't agree with that at all.
  • In other news, I have a doctor's appointment at noon which means I have to be dressed before noon. My life is suffering isn't it?
  • The physical exam made me feel worse. And i have to have blood drawn while hurting and feeling nauseated.
  • “It’s definitely your stomach.” THANKS DOC. haha.
  • Some of my test results came back and so far everything is normal. /cry
  • I love that Louise dressed up as Edward Scissor hands for Halloween on Bob’s Burgers. She speaks to me on a special level.
  • Now I want to watch Free! just to see if two characters are similar to two others in another anime I like. (Wow that doesn't make sense.)
  • Client: Can you add blood dripping on my ad?
    Boss: Whoever does this ad, DO NOT ANIMATE BLOOD DRIPPING.
    Me: would be so easy! :D
  • I want a bunny.
  • I hope someday to remember what life is like without nausea
  • We’ve been adopted by this cat, Nana. She wont go home.
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