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Last week in tweets

  • I took a chance with cheese and lost. Ow.
  • Yup. Still lactose intolerant. Glad I checked that. /s
  • I hate pintrest with every fucking fiber of my being.
  • You know those IN YOUR FACE CAR SALE SUNDAY ONLY!!! ads? I'm being asked to make one...only to make it not in your face.
  • And the ad they sent me as an example is...that in your face type of ad. I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WAAAAANT
  • There were a TON of new people at kick boxing today! Which made things easier on me 'cause I know they don't have time to judge me, ha ha!
  • Adem's alarm didn't go off this morning. So when mine did, I smacked right into him not use to him being in bed at that time.
  • It was also very confusing in my barely awake state.
  • TODAY HAS BEEN HELL AND IT'S ONLY...oh. It's Wednesday. I think I can survive this week.
  • That lovely moment when you discover you may have been eating rotten/bad food. Sorry stomach.
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