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Double Stabbing

My birthday happened! Now 30. And during my celebration there was a bit...of "excitement" as a double stabbing happened outside in my apartment complex.

On Saturday I wanted to have drinks and games to celebrate with friends. It started around 6. Around 8 we were on our third game...Jenga. We're playing and chatting a bit. We then start to hear a loud commotion. Screaming of some sort. Now. There are a LOT of kids that live around here and since the complex has a large grassy area in the middle that my apartment door faces...screaming really isn't that uncommon here. However, I wasn't convinced they were kids. It sounded like a mix of screaming AND crying. Some people swore they heard laughing mixed in. We sat there for a moment listening to it, but then there were more voices yelling and so we got up. Right when we opened the door is when we were able to make out someone yelling "I'm bleeding!" so we headed out. Two of my friends that were over actually work(ed) in the medical field. One is a doctor's Medical Assistant and another did go to paramedic school a few years ago. So, they ran out ahead of everyone and the rest of us stayed back while one other friend called 911.

From where we were, we could see two people on the ground at several feet from each other. The man on the left had another person over him and the woman on the right had two people already attending to her. One of the people tending to the woman started yelling back "Someone get towels! Go get some towels!" I waited a moment and didn't see anyone moving and so I went ahead, ran back inside, grabbed an arm full of towels from my bathroom, and ran right to them. (Hearing crashing behind me as apparently in the process I knocked over a metal shelving thing we have in the bathroom. Didn't care, though.)

By that time I reached them, my two friends were each looking at one of the people. Handed off some towels and then I said I would head to the street to help emergency vehicles find the place if needed. The apartment complex is very large and so it would be easy for someone trying to find the place to end up on the wrong side or in the wrong parkinglot.

Police were first and then a firetruck showed up. I headed back to my apartment where everyone was gathering again.

The two medical friends came back. One had light blood all over his arm and the other had some on his clothes. I guess one of my friends actually had to grab the knife away from the woman's hands and then restrain her until police showed up. She's was (apparently) on some sort of drug craze. It was a dispute between a husband and wife. One of the victims had to be flown to another hospital, but I am told they should both be okay.

I don't think I will forget this birthday.

Hope your weekend is quieter than mine!
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