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Last Week in Tweets

  • Drinking game for FFVII…drink everytime a character shrugs!
  • For a brief moment in my life just now, I couldn't conceive what a chocolate chip was and imagined a chocolate potato chip.
  • I am pretty sure I overheard someone say outside my apartment, "Now you're going to have real phone sex!" Um.........
  • OHing, "And I just wanted to make love to you." omg these dudes outside my apartment...
  • So...this week is so much easier than last. I can actually walk like a normal person the day after kickboxing!
  • A dog is barking like crazy. After a moment I hear someone yell out, "Do you want to buy a dog???" LOL
  • Apparently a LOT of people on Tumblr believe Cleopatra was black. Cant wait to try & tell Adem that "today I learned.." with a straight face
  • I like doing Broadway musical ads because I get to be creative. I don't like doing them because of how many ficken logos I have to use
  • Omg the driver in front of me doesnt know how to use the car wash…….aaaaahhhhh
  • She has been trying to get her car into position for five minutes now.
  • Now people are getting out of the car.
  • It should not have taken me an hour to go to the bank and get my car washed in a 3 block radius of my house. Aaaah.
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