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Amusing Exchange at the Bank

So, I walk in to purchase a cashier's check for $600...

Banker: So how would you like your cash?
Me: Um...I was wanting it as a cashier's check.
Banker: Oh! Right. Sorry.
Me: But I do want to break a couple of 50's.
Banker: I'll do that while the check is printing. 20's?
Me: Actually, could I get it in 10's?
Banker: Sure! *Grabs a bunch of 10's. Counts out ten of them. Pauses. Gives me a look.* You want $600 in $10's?!
Me: No. $100 worth is fine. *Grinning*
Banker: OH! Right. $600 check. You gave me...
Me: Two $50's.
Banker: I'm a banker! Not a teller!

It's funnier because I kind of know her. And yeah. She can cover as a teller, but she works in a more managerial role for the bank. She must have had a long day as I was there near the end of it.

When she handed me the check she said in a half-teasing sort of way to check and make sure she spelled the names right. She did. I was laughing quite a bit at the end.
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