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Last Week in Tweets

  • Note to self: Maple flavored whiskey is tasty with rootbeer.
  • Ugh. My cough is worse today. It is super frustrating as this is the first time since surgery (3yrs) that I had a cough like this.
  • Fucking sinuses.
  • Sometimes I wonder why I even try to shop at actual stores instead of online.
  • My sexy beast of a man in Skyrim.
  • I guess since you "play as" the dragonborn, that would mean I'm that sexy beast of a man.
  • Sometimes I am a sexy black man and other times I am a sassy cat lady. You can take this tweet out of context.
  • Gods I love Graham Aker.
  • Who is excited for Sailor Moon Crystal?!
  • No doctor for me today since the walk-in clinics in this area don't take my "affordable" insurance apparently.
  • I had so many nightmares last night. Ugh.
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