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The Wedding

Over the weekend with Adem and his brother, we flew to Philadelphia for a wedding. The bride was their cousin from their father's side and much of their family on that side would be there.

Originally I didn't want to attend, but of course had no problem if Adem went along and I was alone for the weekend. This past weekend was also Fanime and I had wanted to go. But as the days got closer to the wedding, it became apparent that many of our friends weren't going to be going to Fanime. One had a funeral to attend, another wanted to go to Disneyland and experience the 24-hour event that was happening. I didn't have any costumes planned (money and time) and since it was obvious that Adem wouldn't go to the wedding unless I did...I decided to go ahead and go.

The flight there was pretty easy. Our connection was in Salt Lake and so the time on the planes didn't seem painfully long. When we returned, our connection was in Atlanta and we ended up with a 5 hour plane trip from there to San Jose. 5 hours. Wow. That was anything but pleasant. Anyway...

We arrived late in Philly and got picked up by Adem's Aunt. Plan was to stay the night at her friend's house. The friend was super nice and the house was comfortable. We were able to sleep in and take our time getting ready.

The wedding was at a large brick building at a park. It was beautiful. Lots of trees and the weather was nice. It wasn't too hot. Just over 100 people were there and everyone I met was rather friendly. I was surprised to see Adem's brother Jon open up so much.

Jon is autistic and is often quiet and struggles expressing himself. Around his cousins and Aunt, he was extremely talkative. I honestly felt like I couldn't get a word in at any point to really get to know his family if Jon was there. It was actually nice to see and I sort of wish Jon could live closer to them. I think it would be good for him.

Anyway. The food was delicious and the wedding was pretty much all day. Adem and I danced quite a bit in the evening and I guess we made an impression on his family. Several people said we were very good and would encourage us to continue dancing any time we tried to take a breather.

The most amusing moment of the wedding for me was when speaking with two people named Andrew and Chris. They were brothers and Andrew was there with his girlfriend, Ann. (There were a ton of A names there!)

I am not sure how it came about, but Chris had commented while pointing to Andrew, Adem, myself, and then Ann "He's a he. He's a he. He's a he. She's a she." I turned my attention over to hear Andrew point at me and say "She's a she." Chris pointed at me and argued, "He's a he." They continued to argue about it while I just simply stood there...amused by it. I offered that they could use "they" pronouns if it would end the argument, but they didn't seem to even hear me try to ease the debate. Amusing though.

Saturday night we stayed with one of Adem's cousins. A very fun woman whose company I enjoy. The next day we took a walk in the park, got some cheese steaks, frozen ice, and then off to the airport.

Yup. The trip was short and pretty much little relaxing to be had. But it wasn't a bad trip by any means. I am glad I had attended. A lot of people tried to get us to agree to go to Turkey this summer, but I don't see how that is possible. Maybe next year? I would like to go at some point. (Adem's family on his father's side is Turkish.)
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