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Last Week in Tweets

  • Just got called "Ana." I was quite confused for a moment.
  • Lately I just feel like whenever I eat food I feel ill. I don't get it.
  • Covered California is so fucking dumb and a pain in the fucking ass and fucked up. #hate
  • All I want to do is change my fucking address...but I have to go through and electronically sign that I "changed" every piece of information
  • Which I didn't. I have to say the reason why I (didn't) changed my information and put a date.
  • My NAME, my job, my phone number, my income, my insurance, my fucking goddamn marital status.
  • Apparently I changed my race too. I have to say options are "A tribal member" or "Other." I don't fucking get it.
  • A month today I will be all paid off on my car. <3
  • Clearly I am broken. I want to walk into the doctor's office and be like, "Weeeeeh fix this." and wave at all of me.
  • Adem: (using my computer) why is it running so slowly. Me: because it’s mad at me since im mad at it.
  • Still nauseous. Still hate everything.
  • "Can you make sure this ad is running?" Well. If you go to the website you will see it in 4positions on every page. It's the ONLY ad running
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