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Sick and tired of being sick...and in a sense, tired.

I've been nauseated non-stop since Sunday morning. Nauseous. Every waking hour...for the last several days. Since Sunday.

And it sucks. Because I don't want to eat and when I do eat, it's not fun. First, I get the sensation of being full ridiculously fast. I barely eat anything and suddenly I just feel full. If I force myself to keep eating, then I begin gagging. It's just not a fun or easy process. Soup is probably the one thing I can stomach at the moment without making the nausea worse.

Along with that I am just having trouble concentrating, trouble falling asleep, constantly feel uncomfortable (my lower back aches so much) and can't stay standing for very long. (I just get to a point where the nausea is so bad I have to sit.) Also, strange thing. I can't stop burping. Weird. Just something I noticed.

I usually go jogging every day and had to stop that as my energy level shot down. I realized the last time I attempted jogging it is because lack of food. Sad it took me so long to make that connection.

SO! Went to the doctor yesterday. My doc was out of town and so I saw something else in the office. She believes I have a stomach virus...but it is weird that Adem hasn't gotten sick at all and we are eating the same things. Getting some lab work done including checking my liver for any problems. She gave me some medicine to deal with the nausea so that eating will be easier. Said all I can really do is drink fluids, eat bland foods, and that since I am 5 days into it already...I should be better in another 5 days.

Just got to wait it out.

There was also an amusing moment where she told me to eat bland foods, white rice, white bread, white foods...she then paused and added, "Basically things that aren't necessarily healthy for you, but for the time being it is what is best."

On a side note that might be related...two weeks ago I actually had the worst case of food poisoning I have ever experienced. It was downright awful. I did tell the doctor about that.

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