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Moving Highlights

The last three days felt like an entire week of of stress and pain. I cannot believe it is only Sunday night. Wow.

So all last week was lat minute packing and trying to make sure internet would be available at the new place so that I could actually work on Monday. Lots of cleaning also happened during the week. A lot of errands, driving places, and argh.

Thursday Adem and I got the keys to the new place. Friday I started moving my own stuff into the apartment on the own. Funny thing happened then. I got up Friday...looked outside...clear skies! Sweet! We've been getting a lot of rain lately.

So, after getting ready...I start taking boxes out to my car. Oh...and it begins raining. I drive to the new place and began unloading my car. After all the boxes were in I lay down in the living room and just relax. A lot of work after all. Moving sucks after all.


It stops raining. It LITERALLY rained ONLY from the moment I started loading my car to when I brought in the last box. Seems like something that would only happen on some comedy.

After Adem got off from work we did some more moving of items and then met with some friends of ours. I probably didn't mention that while Adem and I were moving...two other friends of ours were ALSO moving at the same time. So we talked about plans.

Also, side note. Adem was watching a house last week and we would go over there and play some Tabletop RPGs and...well...someone clogged the sink. That was added stress to me.

So, Saturday morning...Adem went to the house to clean up. I began packing last minute things. Truck arrived, we load up, move to the new place...

There was lots of cleaning.

And today, oh god today...

I had to do my walkthrough and it was like HELL trying to get a hold of the manager. A lot of driving back and forth from Santa Cruz to Capitola. Ugh.

But now we are finally here. And chilling.


Adem and I are now officially living together.
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