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Tweets of Last Week

  • Really missing my dad tonight
  • I just want to fall face first onto my bed right now. Seriously.
  • Adem brought me lunch and surprised me with Boba <3
  • Has anyone noticed that I don't really tweet anymore now that I have a job I don't hate with every fiber of my being?
  • Kills me a little inside every time I have to put my legal name on a con badge. Argh. Come faster tax return.
  • Making people uncomfortable with my obsession toward Graham. A new special talent of mine apparently.
  • Just when I thought I was done packing books. . .I find more books. Ugh.
  • So...I am thinking "lifehack" is going to be the overused word/phrase of 2014.
  • Helping Adem with his resume and cover letter for a new job and most of the time I am like, "I don't understand what this means..."
  • Adem: How does this sound? [insert engineering jargon] Me: I literally have no idea what you just said.
  • Just dawned on me tonight that the ringing I have in my head periodically probably isn't normal...
  • Checking to see if new meds have "ringing in the ears" as a side effect. It does. ALSO has "false beliefs that cannot be changed by facts."
  • False beliefs that cannot be changed by facts...really? H-how?
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